spirit level

bra - free people, skirt - vintage, ring - MoMA

MoMA designs are the best. That is all


Leya said...

cute nail color :)

Joana said...

I love how fun and playful your outfit is. Was the day as gloomy as it looks? It seems to have been windy. But you did look fabulous.

Joana said...

I actually cannot wait for the beginning of fall and winter because Lisbon still hasn't received the memo that summer is over. I know, I'm probably so weird for not loving summer :/

Lovely by Lucy said...

Great ring, so creative! I like your top as well. :)
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
X, Lucy
Lovely By Lucy

t said...

Cool look!


Georgia said...

Spirit level ring? Crazy. Am checking them out
It would be mine

Sammie said...

oh my gosh,how cool is that ring ?never seen one like this before,so unique :)

by the way : i have a small giveaway on my blog right now :)


Don't Think Twice said...

you have an awesome style seriously! love this post and the last ones!!!! i have seen you on that beach with this stunning top and in this post with another dazzling top!!!!
im following you right now ^^


xoxo dear! :)

Lucia said...

your blog is adorable. lovely photos. xxx


Joelyne said...

oh my goodness - that ring is oh so cool! LOVE your outfit.. I need to work on my abs and stomach muscles! :)

Audrey Leighton said...

omg genius idea for a place to shop




rouli said...

amazin post and blog

<3 ur style!

Jisu said...

Did they have that bra in black?
I so wanted to get it but never did
Now I'm really regretting that decision
You look super :)

the style crusader said...

Ohhh, your ring is so awesome! Also love the look of your cropped top with that skirt! Seriously gorgeous outfit! xx

olivias-pizzaz said...

That is the mooost amazing riiing!! so so so cool! Your outfit is very cute! so effortless!

Clara said...

Wow! Lovely look.
Your blog is great!

littleberryblossom said...

me too, but these photos aren't mine. greetings, littleberryblossom.blogspot.com

Shopaholic said...

thank you, nice to hear it. super blog, and the cool styling :-)

Preziosa said...

Great look!

Forever young. said...

really? Luke Pritchard went to your school!!!! OMFG
You've probably seat on the same chair as him...what a pleasure! hahahah

i'm in love with him, as you can see.

Following your blog!

PS: i like waht you made on your nails, is weird, but cool!

I V Y said...

that is one really cool rings! love the bra!! looks so good with the maxi skirt :)

xo zebra and meerkat

Forever young. said...

This ring is amazing!
I love your blog and your style, you have lot of cool clothes...
I've been reading all your posts and I've realized i'm missing London... You live in a beatiful city...where I want to live!
Next time I'll go to London, I'll ask you for vintage shops, I'm sure you know lot of them!


I'm ur follower!

parenting articles said...

ooohhh.. that is so cool!

parenting articles

Camilla said...

that ring is KILLER

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Sheryl said...

hey there, thanks for commenting on my blog!!

How cute is that ring!! Btw, I love your blog so I am happy to be following you now.



Leona Poet. said...

I like your ring (:

A.n.E said...

ahh this is genius! the levelling ring- pretty essential if you ask me!
btw girlie you are rocking this crop tank look so amazingly, i'm feeling this warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling in my gut just looking at your shots.

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

I love your blog (: Beautiful bralette!

x Sea

Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

haha, a level ring! adorable.

Jazzabelle said...

wahh, your bra is just lovely! i need some cute bras to wear under (or over!) sheer shirts this autumn. the landscape picture is beautiful, too!

see you at the next afternoon tea event next week? also, sorry for not commenting on your blog in ages! i'm useless. xx