bye bye bloggy

ahh, i'm not going to pretend you haven't been good to me
i have had fun doing it but i think i need to move on and admit its just not the thing for me
i appreciate all my readers greatly but i have always found it strange that i will have no idea who a majority of the people who look at this are, so i've lacked the personal touch that i think makes blogs more interesting to read
but having said that i didnt really enter into this intending it to be a blog about me at all - it was always meant to be much more about the clothes themselves, the beautiful shapes and colours that can be mixed together

so i thought i would leave you with this final post containing photos of my garments that i have designed and made myself, what could get much more personal than that eh?
the photos were taken by me good friend lucky, and the will smith tshirt you will undoubtably notice in the final image was made by my friend hakim baghari (tshirts soon to be widely available)

and don't worry i haven't given up the ghost with this all just yet i have just decided to move on to magazine work instead, so as that all develops i will update this post and leave a link
kind regards

guest post: fashion in black and white

While we all want to shrug off the sharp winter winds and let in the spring air, the last few days have definitely let us know its a little too premature to completely leave the scarf and gloves at home, but we can start planning for a change of season. 

There are a heap of new and exciting spring trends to rejuvenate and revamp last season’s wardrobe – big, bold and monochrome.
Whilst most of the new looks appear in Technicolor glory, one of the more eye-catching trends of the next season comes in black and white. The monochrome effect has taken the catwalk by storm for its simple and stark beauty.  
Why has it been such a hit? It appeals as a counter to the bold rainbow prints and patterns offered in the spring fashion rush – away from the fluttering florals is something a little more demure, sophisticated and chic. It can be worn in blocks and pieces, or mixed-up in swirls, stripes and spots.

When worn as an ensemble, the trend develops into a striking and stunning look, especially when teamed with black and white shoes – both brogueand heels - like the Giraffe Print Pointed Court. Another trend that will be big for spring 2013 is the oversized white shirt, which begs to be adopted by the monochrome set, providing a useful piece to play around with, especially when applying it to the new female tux – a definite must for the power dresser. 

guest post written by Anna Wickham
images chose and text edited by me


guest post: spring is in the air

Valentine’s has come and gone and brought with it an overwhelming onslaught of cards, flowers and gestures something original might be created to see us through the season. The same feminine charm turned on for Valentine’s Day has found its way onto the trends and styles for S/S 2013 with glorious, fanciful abandonment.  

Statement patterns are a huge deal for the upcoming season. Flowers are a key feature for all dresses when spring finally kicks the winter frost away. More than a symbolic gesture, they are the pattern to wear when joining in with the new season. As trends go, flowers has been done to death, however S/S 2013 saw an all new take on things; fur flowers, 3D structures and delicate lacing, after all, nothing shouts new season wardrobe more than one literally bursting with new life.

It was a trend that of course started on the catwalks for the S/S 2013 shows and has quickly escalated into every ‘street-style’ celebrity’s wardrobe. From Holly Fulton to Oscar de le Renta, to Prada’s large fake blooms, whatever the colour and whatever the style, floral prints were visible on the dresses and skirts of many designers. On fluorescent prints to brocade, the simple flower was in full-spring blossom.  

(Vogue street style photo, Anna Della Russo at NYFW AW/13, wearing SS13 Prada)

Because it can be stitched and sewn into anything, the fashion for flower power is fantastically easy to wear. From hairpieces to handbags, they can adorn or take centre stage. 

If anyone is unsure about how to wear the trend, or for simple inspiration, a quick wander down Colombia Road Market will spark up ideas. Season after season the famous East London flower market is bursting with blooms. Stick one in your hair or in the lapel of your coat for flair and join in. And along the way you’re bound to see many sartorial-savvy pedestrians walking around in spring’s favourite new print. One store that seems to have perfected the look is Coast, who always impresses with their flirty dresses

guest post written by Anna Wickham
images chose and text edited by me

hope you like!